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Deer cage

Deer cage

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Give your tree or shrub a long and healthy life by protecting it while it gets established. Shrubs can handle some herbivory and mainly need protection during their first year. Trees need protection for a longer period of time, as damage to a tree's growing tip can permanently affect its structure. They should be caged until they are 12’ tall and all limbs 4’ or lower have been removed.

Our cages are 4' tall and 4' in diameter. Why so wide? Deer will nibble at all foliage outside of the cage, so a 1’ wide cage means a 1’ wide tree. A wider cage protects lateral branches and leaves which feed the trunk and help your tree grow quickly.

If you are planting in a mowed lawn, the basic cage should be enough. If you are planting in a naturalized landscape, we recommend upgrading to include a fine mesh for protection against voles, which can damage a young tree's roots and stem.

We are offering these cages for only the material cost. Once you are done with your cage, return it to us in good condition, and we will buy it back for $10 (basic cage) or $30 (upgraded cage). DIY instructions are here if you'd like to make one yourself!

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