Native Plant Landscaping Directory

If you prefer not to DIY, you can find a professional to help you design, install, and manage your native landscape. We have put together a list of people who can help! Their work ranges from conventional landscape designs that incorporate native plants to ecological restoration of wild land. Find someone whose expertise is a good fit for your project, and clearly specify if you would like a landscape that is 100% native to your area.

The businesses below are sorted alphabetically and by region, though some accept work throughout the entire state and beyond. Listing on this directory does not equal an endorsement, and we were not compensated in any way for inclusion on the list. Businesses were selected for the list based on their self-reported experience installing fully native landscapes. If you have any recommendations to add, please contact us at

Northeast Ohio

Gardenscapes by Joanna LLC

Oberlin, OH
Serves Northeast Ohio

Since 2003, we have been designing and installing inspiring sustainable landscapes to bring nature back to your garden. We are certified arborists, horticulturists, conservationists, and master gardeners who love nature and are committed to perpetuating the planet. We design and install unique sustainable landscapes because we grow and acquire hard to find native trees, shrubs, and perennials. Our focus is on saving the pollinators, especially the monarch butterfly. We are listed by the National Wildlife Federation as a Certified Wildlife Landscaping Professional. We complement our plantings with patios, walls, and walkways from natural stone to permeable pavers.

Genius Loci, Inc.

Elyria, OH
Serves throughout the region

Twenty-four years in business specializing in 100% native landscapes. Professionally trained and educated in landscape architecture and field biology. We marry the science of ecological restoration and fine landscape design to strengthen a sense of place, beauty, ecological function and identity for the benefit of our clients and the entire biological community of which we are inextricably a part. As native plants have gained more popularity, some existing companies have attempted to greenwash their operations. The vision of true ecological design has always been our only focus. Our founder and president was recently inducted into the Society of Fellows for a global ecological think tank called Irewild. You may also find us on Facebook at Genius Loci, Inc.

Laurel Gardening

Cleveland Heights, OH
Serves the east side of Greater Cleveland (Cleveland to Waite Hill)

Founded in 2000, we offer an organic gardening service including design, installation and regular maintenance of ornamental & edible gardens in Northeast Ohio. We pride ourselves on no chemical use and strive to use native plants as much as possible to foster naturally healthy, pollinator-friendly gardens that thrive in their location.  

Meadow Environments LLC

Sandusky, OH
Primarily serves Northern Ohio

John Blakeman, proprietor of Meadow Environments LLC is experienced in the design and specification of native plants landscapes in Ohio, specializing in the utilization and installation of native Ohio tallgrass prairie grasses and forbs in artful, naturalistic landscape designs. Meadow Environments projects commonly enhance and naturalize portions of conventional mown-lawn expanses with curvilinear islands of prairie vegetation, with curved walking lanes, small groves of native trees, and other natural features.

Native Landscapes and Gardens

Chagrin Falls, OH
Serves the Greater Cleveland area

At Native Landscapes and Gardens, we help you design, build, and maintain beautiful native landscapes that sustain you and the world around you.

Ohio Native Landscaping

North Ridgeville, OH
Serves Cleveland's west side and Lorain County

Ohio Native Landscapes was founded in 2020. We are a woman owned business focusing on native garden design, installation, maintenance & stone hardscapes in the Northeast Ohio area. Our mission is to normalize native plants in traditional style landscapes one yard at a time. Their prevalence will provide food and habitat to our local birds, bees and butterflies and give them more of a chance to survive and thrive!

RWS Architectural Consulting, LLC

Madison, OH
Serves Northeast Ohio

I am a licensed Architect, Certified HERS Rater, and Permaculture Design Consultant.  I have been interested in energy efficient home design and construction since architecture school in the 1990's.  In 2021, I earned my Permaculture Design Certificate from Geoff Lawton's online course so that I could expand my environmentally focused designs to the property line and beyond.  As a wild foods enthusiast, I love focusing on edible native plants, animals, and fungi in my designs.  I am interested in clients with anywhere from small urban lots to fully operating farms who want to take the time to really design the land on which they want to live. I am also especially interested in those clients who want to give thought not only to the landscaping, but also the residence, in order to create a fully integrated cohesive design.

Salsbury-Schweyer, Inc.

Akron, OH
Serves Northeast Ohio and throughout the country

Salsbury-Schweyer, Inc is known for creating visually stunning, yet highly personal landscapes that address environmental issues and transform lives; we work in the regenerative design methodology of permaculture. Integrating native/edible plants, water, green infrastructure, and eco-mindful structures, we work closely with clients to create beautiful, sustainable, and holistic outdoor sanctuaries for properties large and small. During our 25+ years in business we’ve spoken on sustainable design at international conferences, been featured in nearly 100 articles, books, and magazines (including “Fine Gardening” and “The American Gardener”) and received numerous international design awards.  Owners Sabrena Schweyer and Samuel Salsbury are both Certified Designers and honored as Fellows in the Association of Professional Landscape Designers (APLD International).

Stonewall Garden

Cuyahoga Falls, OH
Serves the Cuyahoga Valley region, within 25 mi of Cuyahoga Falls

I help people build landscapes that support wildlife, sequester carbon, capture rainwater, and produce food, combining urban regenerative agriculture and ecology. I specialize in native plants from Northeast Ohio, as well as non-native fruit and vegetable gardens. I am currently working to receive my Master Rain Gardener Certification by spring of 2023.

Webbedfoot Designs, Inc.

Amherst, OH
Serves Northern Ohio, from Cleveland to Sandusky

I am a Botanist (Kent State U.) experienced landscape manager, retired science teacher and certified Master Rain Gardener. As a design and consulting non-profit we help you achieve the ecological landscape that you desire. Webbedfoot Designs promotes the use of local native plant species in landscape design. From pocket pollinator gardens to rain gardens and broad restoration projects, we design landscapes with nature in mind. Our designs create pleasing patterns while supporting pollinators, butterflies and other wildlife.

Central Ohio

Native Landscaping and Consulting LLC

Columbus, OH
Serves Central Ohio

Native Landscaping and Consulting LLC is focused on invasive species removal, native plantings and long-term property management. NLC is also a licensed nursery, selling plants native to central Ohio available to everyone.

Ohio Native Concepts LLC

Columbus, OH
Serves Central Ohio

Ohio Native Concepts LLC offers consulting, designs, and installation services for ecological landscaping across central Ohio. We use species native to each clients area and focus on building habitat on all types of properties including residential, commercial, and non-profit owned land. Owned and operated by a professionally trained and educated ecologist, Ohio Native Concepts LLC believes every piece of land has ecological value and can be valuable habitat for wildlife. From residential pollinator pocket designs and installations to multi acre restoration consulting, Ohio Native Concepts LLC can help you create your own ecological oasis.

Scioto Gardens Designs

Delaware, OH
Serves Central Ohio

Specializes in designs for hardscapes, native plant communities, stormwater green infrastructure, and natural playscapes. Lead designer has over 20 years experience in ecological site design and a chemical engineering degree. Design team has degrees in landscape architecture and applied plant biology.


Columbus, OH
Serves the Columbus area

We do residential native landscaping consultations, design, installation and maintenance in the Columbus, Ohio area. We have experience working and volunteering with the Arc of Appalachia Preserve System in southern Ohio, as well as working with estate landscaping in Southampton, New York. Mandy McMaken has a degree in fine art painting.

Southwest Ohio

Birdsong Landscapes

Spring Valley, OH
Serves Southwest Ohio, including the Dayton and Cincinnati areas

Birdsong Landscapes specializes in native prairie and meadow restorations using custom seed mixes. Acres of lawn have been converted to high quality prairie. Native pollinator gardens and large scale landscaping designs and plantings are also available. Birdsong Landscapes also offers woodland habitat management and invasive species removals.

Deeply Rooted Landscapes

Tipp City, OH
Serves Southwest Ohio (within 40 mi of the Dayton Intl. Airport)

Deeply Rooted Landscapes offers consultations, garden design, installation, and plant sales to help bring your vision to life! Whether you want to invite native insects and wildlife to your yard, create a rain garden, or add four-season interest to your ecologically beneficial landscape, we are available to help! We work in all settings - residential, corporate, HOAs, government, and non-profits! Your Yard Is Habitat!