About the plants

All of our plants can be seen growing gorgeous and wild in northeast Ohio. Plant them, and birds, polinators, and other wildlife will recognize your garden as a trusted source of food and shelter.

  • Wild seeds

    We grow only local ecotype plants - plants descended from wild populations found in northern Ohio. This means that our plants are adapted to the local climate, soils, and will bloom and fruit at the right time to support wildlife.

  • Sustainable materials

    We've gone to great pains to grow as sustainably as possible. Our pots are plastic free and compostable, and we use peat-free potting soil to protect peatlands - globally important ecosystems which store large amounts of carbon.

  • Healthy plants

    We manage the health of our plants without the use of persistent fungicides or pesticides (such as neonicotinoids) so they will not harm the bees or butterflies. You may even find a holey leaf or two - evidence that a caterpillar decided it was safe to eat!