Why plant native?

Because native plants are the best at sustaining biodiversity.

Native plants are our naturally occuring wildflowers, grasses, ferns, mosses, shrubs, and trees. Unlike plants introduced from other parts of the world, they have a long evolutionary history here. Over time, native plants have developed special relationships with other organisms, including pollinators. This is what allows them to thrive and support more life.

Increase biodiversity where you live by doing these three things:

“All plants are not created equal, particularly in their ability to support wildlife. Most of our native plant-eaters are not able to eat alien plants, and we are replacing native plants with alien species at an alarming rate, especially in the suburban gardens on which our wildlife increasingly depends. My central message is that unless we restore native plants to our suburban ecosystems, the future of biodiversity in the United States is dim.”

From Bringing Nature Home by Doug Tallamy