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Roundleaf goldenrod

Solidago patula

Solidago patula

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Sun/shade: Part shade

Soil moisture: Medium to wet

Height: 2.5-6'

Spread: 1.5-3'

Flowering period: September

Roundleaf goldenrod’s long, flower-lined branches arch gently away from its stem, reaching out to the aerial fauna. Like other goldenrods, roundleaf goldenrod attracts a wide range of pollinators and also feeds numerous caterpillar species. These caterpillars, in turn, are a critical food source for birds, especially nestlings. In recognition of their outsized role in supporting biodiversity, goldenrods have been named “keystone plants.”

If there is a goldenrod for all growing situations – and there indeed is – then roundleaf goldenrod is the one for partially shaded wet places. These locations can be difficult to vegetate, but plants like roundleaf goldenrod, northern blue flag iris, Allegheny monkeyflower, fringed loosestrife, and wingstem do a good job. A native resident of tree-lined pond margins and other wetlands, roundleaf goldenrod attains a mature height of 3 – 5’ and produces its bright yellow flowers for 4 to 6 weeks in the late summer and fall.

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Photo by Alyssa Zearley.

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