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Gray goldenrod

Solidago nemoralis

Solidago nemoralis

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Sun/shade: Full sun to part shade

Soil moisture: Dry to medium

Height: 1-1.5'

Spread: 0.5-1'

Flowering period: August to September

Host plant for 122 caterpillar species

Gray goldenrod delivers all the large-scale wildlife benefits of other goldenrods, packaged into a compact, charming little form. A perfect plant for sunny, dry areas or gardens focusing on smaller-statured species, gray goldenrod typically stays under 2 feet tall and produces an arching cluster of bright yellow flowers late in the season. A pioneer species of old and overgrazed farm fields and eroded slopes, gray goldenrod is proficient at surviving on dry, nutrient poor soils that other plants find to be inhospitable. In these places, it adds considerable wildlife value to the landscape, providing an excellent late season nectar and pollen source for long and short tongued bees, wasps, beetles, flies, butterflies, and moths. Along with other goldenrods, the plant’s foliage supports the development of 122 species of moth and butterfly caterpillars, which in turn are a critical food source for birds, especially nestlings.

Photo by Frank Mayfield.
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