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Zigzag goldenrod

Solidago flexicaulis

Solidago flexicaulis

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Sun/shade: Full sun to full shade

Soil moisture: Dry to medium

Height: 1-3'

Spread: 1-3'

Flowering period: July to September

Host plant for 122 caterpillar species

Zigzag goldenrod’s bright yellow blooms are clustered at the base of its deeply serrated leaves like mounds of shining riches. At the top of the plant, the blooms proliferate into a splendid crown. Numerous insect visitors are drawn to the floral wealth, and a wide array of moth and butterfly caterpillars consume the plant’s foliage. Among the common bee visitors to zigzag goldenrod are the small sweat bees of the genus Lasioglossum. These tiny pollinators are some of the most abundant bees in North America, and their pollination services facilitate reproduction for a vast number of plants, especially plants in the sunflower family, Asteraceae. Possessing small to medium-length tongues, the small sweat bees can easily access the nectar in zigzag goldenrod’s shallow flowers, and they rely on these and other late blooming flowers in order to build their energy stores prior to hibernation. In the pollinator garden, one can help support the full life cycle of small sweat bees by leaving some bare soil in which the bees can nest and also by planting wildflowers with readily accessible nectar, including zigzag goldenrod.

Attaining a mature height of 1-3’, zigzag goldenrod grows best under partial shade to shade and in soils of moderately wet to moderately dry moisture. The plant is known to form extensive colonies through spreading via underground stems called rhizomes, and due to its intriguing foliage, bright yellow flowers, and outstanding wildlife value, it is well suited to be a cornerstone plant of the shade garden. Other woodland wildflowers that also display a colony-forming habit and thus show potential as groundcovers include white wood aster and jumpseed.

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