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Virginia jumpseed

Persicaria virginiana

Persicaria virginiana

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Sun/shade: Full sun to part shade

Soil moisture: Medium

Height: 2-3'

Spread: 3-4'

Flowering period: August

Providing a dynamic backdrop to the shade garden, jumpseed’s leaves display a dark magenta marking that slowly fades as the growing season progresses. A vigorous grower, jumpseed is quite abundant in Ohio’s forests and shows much potential as a groundcover in shaded landscapes. In midsummer, the plant produces a tall stalk of small white blossoms that offer nectar to both short and long tongued pollinators. Frequent insect visitors include bumble bees, leaf-cutting bees, various wasp species, and the lovely green metallic sweat bee.

In natural situations, bottlebrush grass and white snakeroot are among jumpseed’s most common associates, along with other woodland herbs such as white wood aster and zigzag goldenrod. Once jumpseed produces its seed, contact with the stalk can cause the seed to launch, i.e., “jump,” up to 4 meters. Flowering for up to two months in mid to late summer, this interesting forest plant attains a height of approximately 2’ and grows best under partial to full shade in soils of moderately wet to moderately dry moisture.

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Photos 1 and 2 by Julie Slater. Photo 3 by Ashley Keesling.

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