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White wood aster

Eurybia divaricata

Eurybia divaricata

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Sun/shade: Full sun to full shade

Soil moisture: Dry to medium

Height: 1-2'

Spread: 1-1.5'

Flowering period: August

Where growing in abundance, white wood aster forms a knee-high groundcover that buzzes with foraging bumble bees in late summer. The bees eagerly visit the plant’s sprightly white flowerheads, which produce both nectar and pollen. Due to the late timing of white wood aster’s bloom, it is likely that these bumble bees include males and females who are searching for mates, as well as recently mated females who are building their fat stores prior to hibernation.

White wood aster has good tolerance for dry soils as well as shade, and it often spreads to form an extensive colony. The plant can thus bring beauty and wildlife value to a tough growing situation. A native of NE Ohio forests and forest edges, white wood aster attains a height of 1 to 2.5 feet and blooms during the late summer and early fall.

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Photo by Julie Slater.

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