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Book bundle: The Living Landscape

Book bundle: The Living Landscape

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This beautifully photographed book is full of gardening inspiration from the natural world. We especially love its depictions of multi-layered shade gardens. The text by Doug Tallamy, author of Nature's Best Hope, offers great information on enriching the habitat in your yard. A worthwhile book for both novices and experienced native plant gardeners, it's bundled with a native plant gift card so the recipient can fulfill their vision!

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“This thoughtful, intelligent book is all about connectivity, addressing a natural world in which we are the primary influence.” —The New York Times Books Review

Many gardeners today want a home landscape that nourishes and fosters wildlife, but they also want beauty, a space for the kids to play, privacy, and maybe even a vegetable patch. Sure, it’s a tall order, but The Living Landscape shows you how to do it. You’ll learn the strategies for making and maintaining a diverse, layered landscape—one that offers beauty on many levels, provides outdoor rooms and turf areas for children and pets, incorporates fragrance and edible plants, and provides cover, shelter, and sustenance for wildlife. Richly illustrated and informed by both a keen eye for design and an understanding of how healthy ecologies work, The Living Landscape will enable you to create a garden that fulfills both human needs and the needs of wildlife communities.

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