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Wild stonecrop

Sedum ternatum

Sedum ternatum

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Sun/shade: Full sun to full shade

Soil moisture: Dry to Medium

Height: 0.5-1'

Spread: 0.5'

Flowering period: May

Wild stonecrop is a native succulent and groundcover that resembles other Sedums. Its fleshy leaves emerge maroon in early spring and turn green as they grow to just 8 inches. Sprays of white, starry flowers appear in spring and feed a variety of native bees. This plant tolerates dry conditions, but is actually found on well-drained floodplains! This is a great addition to a rock garden or a sandy rain garden. Grows well from full sun to full shade, though its growth is less compact in deep shade.

Photo 1 © Alicia Ballard, CC BY 4.0. Photo 2 © Doug McGrady, CC BY 2.0.

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