Invasive species removal

In fall 2024, Meadow City is trialing an invasive removal service. We are looking for a handful of interested landowners with large woodlots (7+ acres) within an hour of Cleveland. We are offering our services at a reduced cost as we work on our methods and efficiency.

If you are interested, please fill out this form.

While we hone our process, you can be confident in the capability of our team. All three founders have graduate degrees in Environment and Natural Resources, crucial plant identification skills, relevant certifications, and hands-on experience.

Ideally, we are looking for sites where we can spend a minimum of three days in the field. This equals approximately 72 man-hours of work, totaling $2,500. Shorter follow-up visits will be needed over the following two years to control resprouting. If this is outside your budget, please don't hesitate to fill out the interest form. We may be able to serve you in the future or to refer you to another service.


Before and after invasive removal

About invasive plants

Northeast Ohio's forests are threatened by a variety of invasive plants, including many invasive shrubs and groundcovers. These plants were introduced to our area by human activity, often as ornamental garden plants. Few woodlands are unaffected by invasives like bush honeysuckle, glossy buckthorn, and multiflora rose, which can form dense stands and smother beneficial native plants.

There are many benefits to controlling invasive plants on your property. You will

  • Support more wildlife, including birds, pollinators, and other insects whose populations are under threat
  • Protect rare and sensitive plants on your property from being crowded out
  • Release the next generation of native trees and shrubs, allowing your forest to regenerate
  • Stop the spread of invasives from your land to wild areas
  • Learn about your forest and how to steward its ecological health

These plants spread each year, encroaching on surrounding habitat and spreading their seed across the greater landscape. Take action now to reset the state of your forest, unleashing the growth of native plants!